to teach is to learn

so, this past weekend I had a group of people gather in the chilly morning Sunday air to have a couple hours of free ChiRunning Instruction… given by yours truly.

As some of you know, I took the training in October 2008, and have been on a (slow) path to getting certified. I wanted to get some face time teaching people and I hoped this would be a successful time.

I think it was generally successful. There were some key exercises that I just completely spaced out and didn’t remember until hours later when I got home, but the whole process was enlightening for me, and I want to believe that everyone who was there was able to walk away with something positive.

I had two friends in town, one of whom is a runner, the other is not. After the workshop, which they both attended, we ran slowly around the park and got a little bit of a run in. I have to say, it’s a little tricky trying to teach and run at the same time! I felt pretty good while running, and it was sort of fun to show how to take really small strides, even with long legs, to my good friends because they know how much I used to detest running. Who knew?!

In any event, I haven’t run since then (eek!) but did go to a yoga class and a long walk. If I can make the time this weekend, I am going to try to get in a long slow run (LSD) somewhere flat, probably at Bent Creek. I miss that feeling of a successful long run!

How is everybody else? Haven’t heard much from anyone, not that I’d expect to ;)


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