I never dreamed I’d end up winning a marathon…

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I took up running quite late (mid 30s) and to my surprise turned out to be pretty good at it (I’d never considered myself athletic). I improved to decent club runner status in my late 30s, then I seemed to plateau (I assumed as a result of aging). I also noticed I was getting injured more often, and this was disrupting my preparation for my specialty events (marathons).

When I heard ChiRunning purported to reduce the risk of injury, I immediately ordered the book and DVD. Over the next few months, I carefully studied and practiced all the focuses. I noticed the difference in my running almost immediately. I was running faster farther and with less injury. Not only was I running in a new way which made my body less likely to break down injured, but I could feel that I was running much more efficiently at all speeds.

As the benefits started to kick in, I found myself not just setting PBs, but smashing my old ones. At the age of 40, when I assumed I was into inevitable decline, I suddenly smashed my years old 5K PB by 20 seconds, knocked 90 seconds off my 5 mile PB, 90 off my 10K PB and 2 minutes off my 10 mile PB (breaking 1 hour for the first time). In fact, I set PB’s from every distance I raced (600 metres and up).

Then, I ran my first half marathon since my conversion to ChiRunning, and achieved my highest ever finish (4th) in a race of over 1000 starters. I was also the first veteran.

Even better things followed when I ran my first marathon as a ChiRunner. On a very hilly course which tested all my new Chi focuses to the limit, I won the marathon by over 13 minutes going away. I never dreamed when I started running that I’d end up winning a marathon and I certainly never imagined it would happen into my 40s, but I firmly believe that it was ChiRunning that made it possible.