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It has been nice and cool the last couple days, so running this morning was very nice. I was supposed to meet Danny at the track to work together on some form/possibly video again, but as I found out many hours later (!) he forgot to set an alarm… ;)

I went ahead with my run when it was clear he was running late (ha!). It was a 50 min form run, so I started at the track to really get into my form because it’s so blissfully flat on tracks! I did about 25-28 min on the track, really focusing as always. Getting sick of the blacktop, I moved up to the soccer and baseball fields adjacent to the track and ran around those each a couple of times. The grass was WET so before I knew it, my shoes were just wet as ever: Slop-slop-squish-flop-slop, etc. It was actually kind of a nice way to know if one foot was ‘heavier’ than the other. I went back down to the track after being on the grass just to check in with my form.

The last 10 minutes (on track) were a bit rough and I felt out of form until the few last few minutes when I ‘clicked’ and really felt good, and (gasp!) sped up, really just opened up for the last little bit.

The whole run today I was focusing on NOT dorsiflexing and trying to keep my ankles up. knees low. This concentration, plus running on the grass, made my hamstrings a little tired, which means I am using my muscles to do the ankle lift instead of letting chi do its work… Got to work on that.

I am not fatigued in my hamstrings now, but I did notice right after I was finished especially. I was really glad tho, because my PRE was WAY lower than it was when I first started doing these form workouts. I feel like I can actually get back into form/check in when I am moving instead of having to stop and get back into my posture stance. It seems pretty significant to me to be able to do that AND my heart rate was remarkably low, like maybe not even above 170… I don’t want to overtrain so I am watching myself to make sure I haven’t plateaued and overdone it… Definitely don’t want that to happen!

scale: 7/8 (cool weather! early morning)


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