This Morning was the True Test, I Have No Pain

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Great seminar! It occurred to me what the goal was for ChiRunning one night, while going up the stairs in my house. I show dogs as a hobby which requires keeping up with some fast big moving dogs. I have always leaned forward when I show dogs but never applied it to my recreational jogging.

It only made sense to try and apply my ‘dog show running’ form to my everyday jog. I just had to adjust my posture a bit which I practiced daily in the shower and it felt good.  My over-stride is probably due to the habit of showing bigger dogs.

For the last 2 years, I have been running with some sort of knee brace along with arches in my shoes. Last Friday night during a training session with a dog, I had to run bare footed and did not have the knee support. I applied the lean along with posture and it felt wonderful. So, last night I took a chance and came without any of my supports. No pain when I was in correct form.

As a precaution, I went home and iced my knee. This morning was the true test. I have no pain. My muscles are a little tight but overall, everything feels great and in working condition.

I would recommend this seminar to anyone who runs.

Although I will not sign up for your next seminar, please keep me informed as I know I may need a refresher.

Thanks again for a great seminar.