The Wisdom, Power and Gentleness of T’ai Chi as a Roadmap for Life

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ChiLiving: The fundamental principles that make T’ai Chi the “mother of all martial arts” present us with a skill set to live and grow by.

Bring these ancient guidelines to bear on your everyday choices and improve the quality of your whole life.

  • ChiWalking and ChiRunning
  • T’ai Chi and Qigong
  • Meditating with curiosity
  • Nourishing your self by gathering energy
  • Expressing your self by issuing energy
  • Determining the core of what you stand firm for
  • Realizing the profound strength of surrendering to what IS

As Yin and Yang energies are used appropriately, your life begins to smooth out, make sense and find a flow that is peaceful and powerful. You’ll experience your innate vitality and joyfulness as the truth of who you are emerges. Explore, discover and practice complimentary skills such as:

  • Alignment and relaxation
  • Focused spaciousness
  • Stillness in movement
  • Gathering and issuing
  • Being kind but firm, with ourselves and with others

Many people have said ChiRunning has changed their life, not just because of the running, but because they transferred their experience and knowledge to the rest of their life. You can apply these principles to: parenting, health and fitness, career, relationships, creative expression, spiritual exploration…wherever your life needs to be rebalanced and supported.

Learn to approach life as a T’ai Chi Master would, focused in your intent, centered in your physical and personal integrity, clear, open and innately responsive to the world around you.


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