Your Training Triad is a guide to all endeavors of life.

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I am writing in response to your potato soup story. My son John is going to run the Leadville 100 this summer, and I have forwarded the story to him. I will be his pacer for miles 80-90. It is only because of over a year of complete focus on ChiRunning that I can consider doing this. I am 67 and have some old skiing and tennis injuries, and consequent ankle and knee surgeries, that plagued me until ChiRunning took me out of the pain.

The triangle in your book with Form as the base, Endurance, the heart, and Speed at the peak is a guide to all our endeavors of life.

Through ChiRunning I’m realizing that speed is the feeling of effortless flowing; the state of effortless flowing is my true speed.

I ran some 10K’s last year and am scheduled for the Shiprock Half-Marathon in May. As I train for this longer distance I have found that maintaining a cadence of 174 is most critical on top of all the other ChiRunning focuses. I am 6’3” and have always been a slow runner. The hardest thing for me has been to get my cadence up to 180.  But, I find that deep into my longest runs I have more energy and finish stronger. All the focuses are critical and I go over them regularly as I run, and in between runs I reread Danny’s book.  For now the cadence focus is paramount.

And, I can’t wait to have potato soup before my next long run.

Joe Miller