The Road to My First Marathon

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Running has been a constant in my life for several years now.  I love distance running in particular.  I’m never satisfied if any run is less than an hour.  My favorite run of the week is my long run, can’t wait for Sundays to come round so I can head out on my favorite routes.

So it seemed natural that at some point I would want to run a marathon.  I feel the time is right, my body feels strong and my form feels good enough. No doubt it’s been a long road to get to this place and there is still a long way to go in training but ChiRunning and years of practice mean I may make it to the start line intact!

I am following the ChiRunning 24 week beginner marathon training program and I have spent the last 8 weeks focusing on particular aspects of my technique, well more than usual!  I am beginning week 10 and just moved into the conditioning phase of my training.

Danny Dreyer recently published a video on the definition of success in ChiRunning. Success means different things to different people and in running it is often determined by how fast you can run.  Success to me in this endeavour will mean being able to enjoy and complete the training program injury free. Be able to turn up on the start line totally prepared and complete the marathon wanting to do another one!

Success also means to me looking back at where I’ve come from and where I am now.  That very injured broken runner with pretty terrible running form from years ago has been replaced by a new and improved version thankfully.

I hope the runner I will be in the next few years or even 6 months will be an even more improved version despite the aging process. All these years building a solid foundation, I now feel truly relaxed running and yet know that there is still so much more progress to be made.

I am still training to heart rate and continue to see good progress here too.   Like ChiRunning changes cannot be made overnight but take practice, persistence and patience.

So practice, be consistent, celebrate your successes, otherwise you may never know how good running can truly feel.

Happy running.


Michelle Muldoon
Senior ChiRunning Instructor

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