The power of positive thinking for running and walking

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I believe a lot in the power of thought. One of my favorite quotes is, “Change your thoughts and you change your world” by Norman Vincent Peale.

A lot of what ChiRunning and ChiWalking provide for us as we move our bodies is a) the proper thoughts and focuses to have and then b) the belief, through positive experience, that good thoughts can create great results.

I imagine that many of you have workouts like I do, when you think, “Geez, what is wrong with me today? Why doesn’t this feel good? Why am I breathing so hard?” So, what if we all just changed the tune: “Okay, this doesn’t feel great, but I can do something about it. My knee hurts, which may be because I am stepping too far forward…”

And suddenly, your knee might stop hurting. Your brain might float to another part of your body that’s asking for attention, so you Body Sense that part of your body, and direct it with a Form Focus.  And that part of your body will relax and loosen.

I remember these lessons during my working days, too, or when I get home from work and need to do things around my house. There’s always an opportunity to change your thoughts, your beliefs, your perspectives and therefore, your experience.

So if you’re having a not-so-hot run, or a slightly-painful walk, or a crazy-pull-my-hair-out-day, take a moment and change your thoughts. Change the tone to positive. I remember a few years ago when I adamantly told myself, “Liz, you just aren’t ever gonna be a runner!”

… fast forward to today: I’ve completed two half marathons and find running to be one of the most cathartic and enjoyable things I can do for myself. All from a few positive pieces of thinking.

Go forth and think positively!

By Liz Frost


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