The Benefits of the Backward Step

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Whether a walker or a runner, walking backwards does many things to help you feel ChiWalking® and ChiRunning® in your body.

Walking backwards puts you into excellent Chi posture; it gives you the Body Sense of engaging core muscles. It teaches you how short your stride should be while walking or while running in first gear. If you keep that posture when moving forward, you’ll get a great sense of having your upper body lead.

Walk backwards at the start of your walking or running workout. If you feel yourself lose or question your posture or engaging your core, walk backwards anytime during your workout.

Watch Danny’s video to see what it looks like.

Do a little backwards walking during the day and remind yourself what good posture and an engaged core and a short stride feel like in your body. Imprint that memory on your body and mind and then move forward with that same feeling. Notice how your body changes when you move forward. It really should not change, but you may slip into old patterns. Notice when you slip into old patterns.

Taking the backward step can make a big difference in how you move. 

Watch the Backward Step

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