Exercises for Plantar Fasciitis and Plantar Fasciosis

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If you’ve had Plantar Fasciitis for longer than a month, chances are it has progressed to plantar fasciosis which is deadening of the fascia at the point of injury. The pain feels the same as if you had fasciitis, but now it’s there because it’s painful to move with dead tissue. For this reason, it is no longer a reason to take any anti-inflammatories… they won’t work because there’s no more inflammation.

The quickest way to “move forward” from here is to get blood circulating again into the surrounding tissue so it can return to normal health and not create further problems.

The Chinese have a great system for this, which is a preventive activity as well. They walk across sidewalks embedded with river pebbles. It is excruciating at first, but it is remarkable at breaking up scar tissue and adhesions in the fascia on the bottoms of your feet. In all of my research, I have not found a better way. I recommend you find a driveway covered with coarse gravel and walk across it for 10 minutes a day. After only 2 weeks you should see a vast improvement in your foot pain.

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Learn More About Plantar Fasciitis