The 1st attempt

20 Aug 2008

I have been assigned to three runs per week, and today was the first in a long set of 3 runs per week for 10+ weeks. I headed to the UNC Asheville track to do my first workout, which for this Tuesday and every Tuesday to follow, involves a 15 min warm up, a series of ‘accelerations’, broken up by easy jogs, and a nice 15 min run in ~ gear 2.

Being a Colorado native, the hot weather makes me feel like a fish out of water. I was grateful this morning for the cool weather.

I felt very slow for the first 15 min start, approx. 5 laps… I can’t keep track (ha! no pun intended…) but really, I just can’t keep track of how many laps I do. So whatever, I got out there and did a nice easy gear 1 pace of a warm up. I found myself trying to hold back from going out too hard, as that’s what I’ve always done. It was hard, but it saved me by the end of the run.

I liked the accelerations, which are a series of 6 intervals of a 200 m stretch separated by 100 m stretch. I was to begin the 200 m at gear 1 and by the end of that 200 m be in “my gear 4.” (I say ‘my gear’ because I didn’t want to push it to hard at the get go, and it was my first run and I wasn’t trying to break records, so, you know…). After that 200 m, I backed off my gear 4 lean and went back to a nice gear 1 pace until the next 200 m stretch, and so on.

The last 15 minutes, supposed to be in gear 2, were alright. My knees were a little bit achey, felt like I was going at a healthy ’2′ but realized that I probably was going really slowly. (Which I know is okay, but some of my ego was a little bit put-out).

On a scale of 1-10 (low to high) I would say the entire run was about a 6 in terms of my feeling afterward. PRE (perceived rate of exertion) on the same scale was probably higher, maybe 6-7…

I am going to try to be really good about stretching after each run and try to do the leg drains. I get so much lactic acid build-up, even with this, that I know my body needs the drain. I have done it a few times in the past and it really does make me feel better. Also doing the Body Looseners before beginning is immensely helpful, and I could feel it this am when I began and my ankles didn’t wince and my spine didn’t pop.


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