Thanks to ChiRunning I am an Ironman woman

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I just completed the Kona Ironman Championships, my first ever Ironman distance race. I am 61. Three years ago when I decided to make Kona my goal, I did not run (or swim). I had done some jogging in my thirties but never more than 2 mile jogs.

Then, I discovered ChiRunning, took a couple of courses from instructor Kelly Ryan here on the Big Island of Hawaii and now I am a marathoner and an Ironman. On the morning of the Kona Ironman I began my day with the ChiRunning Body Looseners. When I finally started the run, it took almost 5 miles before I felt I could control my body enough to run more than just a few steps at a time. So, I just focused on my posture, being sure my head was in line, my neck and chest lifted, my shoulders down and relaxed, my pelvis level.

Soon I was running more comfortably. When I would feel like the run was difficult, I would make sure my posture was correct. Lifting and keeping my body aligned were the biggest aid to me finishing. Each time I did that I felt lighter, I breathed easier and I ran faster. Pretty soon I was running the finishing chute with a smile.

I finished in 16:44 and was not sore after the race, even the following days. My marathon time was 6:11 which for me a good marathon, anytime.

Thanks to ChiRunning I am an Ironman woman!

– Morgen B.