Denver is about 5,280 ft. Hence called The Mile High City. That’s about 3000 feet higher than what I am used to running. When we came in August for my friend’s wedding, we were in Vail at 8,000 feet, and honestly, I felt like that was an easier run than this run! Strange strange.

I ran from my parents’ house down through this great public footpath the runs around this area of town. I found myself a little farther away from home that I anticipated, and came back on the main roads (actually not too terribly busy because no one was out driving that early on Thanksgiving.)

When I started off I felt a little bit like molasses. I think the altitude probably had something to do with it, but I just felt a little slow-moving. It was a nice temperature, and I was having a nice time remembering my days back as a little girl running around those same roads with friends, and riding bikes all the way to the mall to buy a smelly hand lotion or something.

I was really focusing on keeping a quick cadence and keeping my feet in a good line so I didn’t go and do something dumb with my heels/feet. I didn’t want any knee pain, and was trying to focus on keeping my ankle movement nice and round and sort of high. There were a few times during the run when I got a little twinge of pain in my inside foot (can’t remember which one) but I managed to make it go away by focusing on a really circular foot path and a mid-foot strike.

I got a new pair of shoes (WR790), and I am a bit obsessed with the visualization of trying to keep them with perfect tread for as long as possible. My older shoes, the MF800s, have a clear heel-wear pattern, but I can’t tell if that is from just my running or because I walk around in them, too. So my 790s will be street shoes, too, but when I run, I am going to be very careful about treading midfoot only. It’s kind of nice, and makes me very focused on getting my feet right. I think it worked pretty well.

I focused on keeping my head forward, chin down… that was easy since the air was quite cold and my eyes were watering like crazy! Between keeping my chin down and my ankles up, I think I did pretty well. I had no idea what kind of pace I was going, but figured it was about normal. Other than my little foot issue, I didn’t have any other complaints… other than the fact that I was having some serious snot issues. Sorry to be graphic, but does any of you have tips on clearing the nasal path before/during running? I took some Kleenex, but blowing my nose while running is sort of annoying. Forget about farmer’s blow, I get it all over myself!

I ran 5.22 miles in 48 minutes, which was right about normal. That was good to know, especially with the altitude change. Felt good for running, glad I went out in the morning to do it before the stresses of the day started and am so glad it was a good run. Stretched after I got back and did a little leg drain. No soreness at all!

Scale: 8


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