Long races… and NO soreness afterwards

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Hi Danny,

I took your ChiRunning workshop in L.A. last January and we last spoke at the LA Marathon Expo.  Although it’s been awhile, I wanted to report on some notable races since then.

• LA Marathon – although I missed my time goal (perhaps race day heat could take partial blame?), I was much less sore than usual in the post-marathon week.

• Malibu Creek Trail Challenge – 14 mile trail race with ~3200 ft. of climbing, including 2000 ft climb up the Bulldog Trail. I took about 10 minutes off my previous race times on this course!

• Bulldog 25K – Very similar to the last course, again with the long climb up the Bulldog Trail at the beginning and a long downhill at the end. I ran this race last Saturday and was able to run 300m repeats with my track group Tuesday, with no leg soreness or stiffness! I feel like the use of the ChiRunning form and yoga helped me in both preventative and restorative ways, easing my race recovery.

I have also started learning t’ai chi, the Yang Style long form. There is still much to improve with my running form, but I’m enjoying the journey.

Thanks for your help!