Thank You for Sharing your Talents

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Last year we purchased your DVD and book to introduce us to the world of ChiRunning. It has been a great trip so far.

You have done a terrific job of using a combination of word associations and examples that blend together to create a guide to find within each of us the ability to not only run injury-free, but to run free and relaxed. To discover this is to discover the joy of running. ChiRunning techniques have allowed Eve and I to run to the best of our abilities, without having to worry if an ache or tightness is a precursor to an injury. We now know they are just the results of our training and those little indicators that let us know we are doing the best our bodies will presently allow.

Since our discovery of ChiRunning I have won my age division (55-59) in each of my past three marathons: Salt Marathon 2005, Portland Marathon 2004 and 2005 this past weekend. The ChiRunning focuses that you have provided, get us to the 20-mile mark in good shape, and then pave the way to get us through those tough last 6.2 miles (which is so very important in determining the final outcome).

I cannot say enough good about the basic focuses of your program and their impact on maximizing personal performance. In view of the above, how does one place a value on what you given us my friend? All we can say is thank you for sharing your talents with us. I am sure the journey has not always been easy as I am sure the critics have made many attempts to shout down your work. As a couple who were humble enough to listen to your message, we’re not listening to them. Enjoy ChiRunning.

Bart and Eve Smith