Personal Trainer Thrilled with ChiRunning

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I’d like to thank you for a wonderful seminar!  I didn’t get a chance to tell
you anything about my running history and what your book has done for me, so
here is a brief thank you!

About 3 years ago I was injured in a marathon that I trained for improperly.
Since then, I’ve been through a misdiagnosis, treatment for the misdiagnosis,
a few other injuries caused by the misdiagnosis and finally a radical
transformation in my running form.

When I found the ChiRunning book at the bookstore 8 months ago, I was open to
anything that would get me back on the trails. I read the book and right away
started taking the techniques to the woods. It was not hard to pick up and I
gradually could run longer and longer with less and less pain in my knees and

Now, eight months later, I am able to run for literally hours with little or
no recovery time. I never used to run with a watch, but now my girlfriend makes
me because I’ll lose track of time and stay out for hours without getting
tired and hurt like I used to. I feel great after runs and my pain has almost

I’m glad we had a chance to see ourselves on film at the seminar, because now
I have the visual aid to really tweak my form and work on my lean for the Mystic
Places Marathon in October and the Stone Cat 50M in November.  I’m looking
forward to finishing with great form and no pain!

Thanks Again,
Kevin Gianni, CPT-NCSF
Danbury, CT