talk about rain

So, I was able to do a little teaching on Wed, to a local guy named Joe… He wanted to learn more about ChiRunning and since I am getting out into the world to try to teach it, it was a great opportunity.

So after about 90 minutes of going through the basics, we decided to go out for a run in the pouring rain. It was fun and Joe did really well!

We did the same route I did on Tuesday, but we didn’t go into the forest. I was talking throughout the run, saying out-loud focuses for both Joe and myself:

  • Ankles up, imagine the feet never dropping below the ankle until the last moment, this will help keep the ankles up and knees down.
  • Remember the volleyball image in front of your body to keep the arm swing accurate.
  • The shoulders are like headlights in a car: steady and forward.
  • Remember to hold the core steady: that’s what will keep everything together. That’s what lets your upper body engage with gravity and your lower body to cooperate with the road coming at you.
  • Head up Head up, imagine yourself (myself) as a puppet being held just above the ground by a string coming from my head.

It was a good run for both of us. I have confirmation from Joe that he was sore the day after, but it’s been a long time since he last ran, so we can give him a break  ;)

I enjoyed teaching, and believe me, it helps to learn it myself. If any of you is thinking about ever wanting to teach ChiRunning, you should.

That, for me, was the 2 consecutive days of running, and now that it’s Friday afternoon, I wonder about going for a run tomorrow instead of Sunday so I don’t wait too long before my LSD. I am going to do my best to run the full 2 hours on Sunday. do my best.

Happy Friday, all!


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