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This past Saturday I had a Half Ironman Triathlon in Benton Harbor,
Mi.  Although I have maintained an average level of fitness, I did
not really train for this race. So, I thought about your comment
of leaving it all on the bike course and running with no legs.
That is exactly what I did. Although I never really found my
comfort zone on the bike I left it all on the course, knocking 10
minutes of my previous time at this race. As I started the run, my legs
were completely trashed, especially my left leg. So, I check my
posture, shifted the focus to my LOWER body, and engaged the
lean. My legs let me know in a matter of steps every time I lost
it and I would go back through the 3 steps with overall focus being
run with no legs. I ended up with a 1:39 half marathon, 6 minutes
faster that I did the run only last year, my second fastest half
marathon and a PR Half Ironman of 4:59.

Maurice Wills