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Today is Monday, September 15. I had my long run yesterday in Morganton because Ivan and I were there for the weekend to help Frans and Gloria with their porch.

I decided to run on the Greenway which is nice and flat. I left about 830 so wasn’t super hot but wasn’t super cool either. It was pretty shady but there were spots of sun. The path runs next to the Catawba River, which is a nice ambient noise since I don’t run with my iPod anymore (sob.)

I would say the first 30 minutes were absolutely at 10 on a scale and by the end of the run I was probably about nine. I think I ran just over 5 miles – felt really good. I tried to focus on keeping quick arms. I worked on keeping my ankles up and my knees down, and I did that high heel drill that Danny taught me earlier this week to work on my midfoot strike. I worked my breathing and it worked really well.

I had a little twinge in my ankle but I think I realized I was trying not to dorsiflex, and so I was twisting my foot funny–my right foot– so I adjusted that. It ended up going away. That ache went away and I never did get a side ache. My breathing was pretty good and during the last 10 minutes of the run something happened and I started going fast. I didn’t want to stop! I was probably going somewhere around second to third gear. I didn’t want to slow down, so I figured “What the heck, I’ll keep going.” It was a great run  andI felt good about it. I was wearing ChiWalking tank top while I was running and two women stopped me at the end of my run asking “what is ChiWalking?” We had a nice conversation and I plan to do some work with them in the future. Great run, made me happy that I can actually run and enjoy it!


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