Sunday afternoon running with sun and smiles

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I wasn’t planning to go running today, but the weather was beckoning, and I found myself without anything pressing to do (!), so I headed out into the sunshine for a 25 minute jaunt ’round the neighborhood.

I got a new pair of 790s in the mail earlier this week, and took them out for their inaugural run. They’re pearly white, and upon my return, weren’t anymore (the rain and the dirt around here create some beautiful mud).

I started off very slowly, listening to my body and getting used to the sensation of movement. I focused on two things during this run:

  • Keeping my hands even extensions of my arms. I have this strange habit of torquing my hands downward when I run, and so I want to work on that. It’s an easy “bad” habit to slip into.

I looked at my shadow (the sun!!) to see if my wrists were torqued, and tried to Body Sense what it’s like to really keep my wrists neutral. I really had to look down quite a bit to ensure that my wrists weren’t torquing down again as I was running. It’ll be a practice that I’ll be able to correct, but will take diligence.

  • Landing mid-foot. With new shoes, I want to make the effort to really watch the wear on them, wear them only when running and see how the tread wears. (My other shoes are showing an embarrassing tendency to wear on the outer heel.)

I have long legs. That’s my excuse for the heel wear on my other shoes. I wish I believed it, but it’s not a good enough excuse. What I am going to experiment with as I run with the new shoes is to really think about getting my heels high, knees down. At the end of my stride, if my heels have come far enough up, and my legs are properly swinging to the rear, my foot should naturally strike in the fleshy middle part. I’ll keep you posted. Already, on this first run, the only place I see any wear is unfortunately at the same place on the shoe as my older pairs of running shoes show… Sigh.

Those were two strong enough and important enough focuses to keep me going today as I was running. There were lots of other people outdoors, and it’s always inspiring to see people out with the animals and kids when the weather is good.

Trust you all enjoyed a nice Sunday, wherever it was; in North Carolina in the sunny and dry day, or in Colorado, with 3 feet of snow and cold!


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