Strong, Swift & Injury-free!

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Before ChiRunning I could not run one step beyond a 10K without my knees breaking down. I believe it was fate when I discovered ChiRunning and shortly thereafter found out about a local clinic. 

The clinicians were outstanding and their coaching made a huge difference in my running. But the life changing difference came after my small bowel cancer surgery. After 34 days in the hospital because of complications and losing so much weight that I looked anorexic, I became weak and lacking cardio vascular fitness. It was tough even getting out of bed. 

When I finally came home, I called Laura. She was one of my original ChiRunning Coaches. She taught me ChiWalking which was the basis of my getting in shape again. I eventually progressed to combining ChiRunning and Walking which led to me getting back to solid running. 

Many half marathons, triathlons and Ironman 70.3 races later, I’m strong, swift and injury free. Thank you ChiRunning!

– Carol C.