Still running … working on running form and trying to smile.

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hi folks… how are you all?

I have been running, a few times, though nothing too long. I have also taught ChiRunning twice recently,  and it’s so completely satisfying. Trying to teach running is making me realize how much ChiRunning really is a process. I give myself a hard time for not being perfect with my running form, for having a twinge here and there. But that’s the whole process, it’s about listening and adjusting, listening and adjusting. Always going back to Body Sensing so that you can really get into your running form and enjoy the simple act of running.

One of our Instructors has this tag line on her email signature: “Somebody busier than you is out running right now.”  !!

Part of my absence is indeed do to being busy, but I have to be honest with you all: I have had a little running pain. My knee is bugging me. As some of you know, after my race, I did something to it, and the medial side of my right knee has been a squeaky wheel.

I know that with ChiRunning, my chances of injury are low, low, low but despite that, I am listening to my body, and she’s saying, “Let’s back off the running for a little while.” I keep wanting to fight it, but I have been swimming instead, walking, lifting weights occassionally. I talked with Danny about it, and he suggested a few things to me:

  • Keep my core engaged all the time. What this will help me do is alleviate some of the weight bearing down on my knee by lifting those muscles and bones in my upper legs. I tried it very consciously one day, and by the end of the day my knee felt better. Danny says that he is ALWAYS checking back in with his body every moment to see if his core is engaged. Wow.
  • Pay attention to the way I move around when I am not running: being careful of not turning my upper body while keeping my feet stationary, being careful about getting out of the car, being careful about not driving with my ankle torqued laterally, about sleeping in such a way that my knee is not torqued.
  • When I do run, to be really clear about tracking (both) leg(s) straight, not letting my right foot go splaying out, which it apparently likes to do, especially when I get tired. Master Instructor Kathy Griest gave this great visualization once about keeping your leg really aligned as you run: every time each foot comes off the ground, imagine that your big toe and little toe come off at the same time. What this will do is prevent your foot from straying out or in, creating torque on the knee or ankle.

So with all that said, I want to let you know that I am still here, I am still planning on running in June, I just need to listen to my body, and take it easy for the moment. I have a little disappointment creeping up on me that the Seattle R.n.R. race won’t be faster than Houston, but who’s counting? I went out to race Houston with a smile on my face, and it was great. I’ll do the same in June.


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