Staying Visible While Running

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Hi folks, we got a blog from a legal group regarding preventing accidents when you run. All the tips he makes are just what we'd suggest. We think it's worth a read!


Staying Visible when Running

If you are a runner, you need to stay visible as you are jogging when you are around cars. There are several things you can do to make yourself more noticeable. By being proactive to make yourself more visible, you are significantly decreasing your chances of being involved in an accident. There are many things you can do to make sure you are noticed by drivers in the area. 
Here are the top five ways to stay seen:

Make sure you run where you will be seen and not in traffic. Running with or around cars is never safe. It’s best to stick to the side of the road or the sidewalk whenever possible. By doing this, you are avoiding cars and significantly decreasing your chances of being struck by a vehicle.

You should adhere to all traffic regulations. This means you must stop at stoplights and all intersections. You should stop at stop signs and never run straight through when a light is red. Don’t just dart through traffic either. Instead, watch where you are going and stay predictable.

Wear brightly colored clothing .Less vivid colors, such as black, white, brown, blue, and gray just blend into the surroundings. Don’t wear colors that camouflage you. You want to stand out and be seen. In order to do this, wear bright colors such as orange, red, lime green, yellow, and hot pink. When you have on bright colors you are much more likely to be noticed by drivers. A safety vest, such as those used by highway workers or traffic patrol officers, can also be beneficial because they are bright and have reflectors on them as well.

If you are out jogging or running after dark or at dusk, you should make sure you have plenty of reflectors on your clothing. This can be done by placing reflective tape across your chest and back, along your arms, and on your shoes. By doing this, car lights will reflect off you and the drivers will realize that you are in the area so they will watch out for you.

Carry a flashlight when you are running. If it starts getting dark, or if the weather impedes visibility, you can turn on the flashlight and point it toward the ground. This will make you even more visible. The flashlight can be used along with bright colors and reflectors so drivers will be much more likely to notice you.

By working to make yourself more visible, you can make your run more enjoyable as well as safer. With the right preventative measures, you can significantly decrease the chances of you being in an accident as you go on your run. Running is a great way to stay healthy, and if you work to make yourself visible when you are around cars you can continue to enjoy this daily form of exercise with a significantly decreased chance of being struck by a car.

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