Spreading the Chi

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Hello again!

I wrote a couple years back when I first picked up my copy of ChiRunning. Since that time I have become an avid ChiRunning enthusiast by trying to spread the word to any and all who will listen to me, as well as reinforcing the techniques on myself!

I just wanted to write a follow up to express my thanks to you for creating such a great philosophy, not only for running, but for life in general. It has indeed opened my eyes to the potential I can have in my running abilities … every run seems to get better and I am progressing much faster then when I was at my fastest in high school. I say this because in high school I got injured a lot which caused many set backs and frustration; now I hardly get any soreness and can move from one progression level to the next, while my Perceived Effort Level stays the same.

One day I hope to meet with you in person and become a certified ChiRunning Instructor, but first I must finish my degree in Film studies/Journalism. I also am 12 hours away from having a secondary education teaching certification. I recently attended a High school track meet and was appalled by all the distance runners who ran with what I would say is terrible form (even for the winner of the 3200 who ran 9:15). When I expressed concern to a few coaches I know, they kind of just shrugged their shoulders. To me this is sad and it is my promise to you that I will continue to preach the basic principles of ChiRunning until the day I stop running… death!

Happy running,
Eddie L.