From shin spasms to 5-time marathon finisher!

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I will be 43 in February. I had stopped running for almost 18 years. Whenever I ran I would break down from lateral compartment syndrome, my shins would go into spasm and I never thought I would be able to run again.

After a brief run on Lake Michigan during a semester at Kellogg School of Business in summer 2006 (which ended in my legs going into spasm) I thought, “There has got to be a solution.”

After searching the internet I stumbled onto ChiRunning, I ordered the book and CD and then visited a ChiRunning coach in Ireland three times. ChiRunning has changed my life.

Yesterday I returned home to Israel after having completed my 3rd NYC Marathon (my fifth marathon in 2 years) running a personal best of 3:39:46!

Whoever tells me that running is bad for their knees, or damages the body, gets one response from me — you need to visit now!

Thank you Danny and your team.

– Darren P.