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Week 24 of 24 of marathon training!  The start line to my first marathon is tantalisingly close.  My goal when I started this process six months ago was to get to the start line healthy and prepared.  Almost there and I’m feeling good, very good actually, if a little tired.

In truth, the process of training for my first marathon started many years ago but my body didn’t seem quite ready to go there.  Plenty of frustrations along the way but always hope that I could resolve any issues with my practice of ChiRunning.  I continue to enjoy the process of learning to be mindful and listen to my body, to work on any misalignment that might be causing a problem for me, not just in running but day to day.

Looking at the ChiRunning training plan six months ago, it all seemed a little daunting.  In particular, when I looked ahead and saw the mileage clock up on the long runs.  Hauling myself out of bed every Sunday when the rest of the house was still asleep sometimes made me question why I was doing it.  I’m not sure what drives me but I think it is simply the love of running and how it makes me feel.

This week I am supposed to be resting, eating well and fuelling my body, getting ready for the task that lies ahead.  I’ve worked hard and I’ve put the training in.  In fact I haven’t missed a single training session over the six months.   Sure I’ve had some niggles but I’ve managed to work through those focusing on my form.  I am for now enjoying the fact that I am here; prepared and injury free.  I am very excited and a little bit nervous.  I’m sure by the weekend; I will be very nervous and a little bit excited! 

I’ve been doing less running so in the physical sense I am resting.  If only I could quiet this monkey mind of mine.  So many “what ifs” floating around inside my head. These are mostly uncontrollable so I must try to focus on what I can do to remain calm over the next few days and what will be will be.

So this Monday, I get to go back home and run the Dublin Marathon in the city where I was born and bred.  26.2 miles around this great city with a few thousand others, cheered on by friends and family, doing what I love.  What’s not to be excited about!

Happy running.


Michelle Muldoon
Senior ChiRunning Instructor
London, UK


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