snowy slushy

It was quite cold yesterday morning when I ran at 7.30, still in the ‘burbs’ of Denver. I managed a one-way ish run because my Dad and I were meeting up the road, so that was kind of nice. Even though I was supposed to do two hours, I ran out of time during my trip for 2 hours of uninterrupted Liz-time, so I did 1hr instead. Not bad, considering…

It was a good run, but man it was cold, and there was this slgihtly angled wet snow that poked my eyes so strongly a few times, I felt like pencil had been flicked at me! Really, I was running along and my eyes were just watering buckets. Some from the cold, some from the snow, and I literally had tears streaming down my face.

I took Kleenex to prevent my snot problem, and fortunately the few that I brought held up the test of runny eyes and nose.

I wasn’t sure how the roads were going to be because of the wet and the cold, but fortunately, it wasn’t slippery, just a little 1/2″ – 1/4″ dusting of snow which wasn’t difficult to run on at all.

The snow actually provided a great incentive for me to imagine the perfect foot fall and ankle circles. I felt like I had a really great form the whole time. No one can learn to run with their chin down and forehead in front better than when a flurry of wet snow is thrusting itself into your face. Talk about an incentive to keep your head down!

I felt steady and strong and pretty darn good. I had a quick pace, and there was one longish uphill/downhill and that was a good test for my legs… At about minute 45 I had a little slump, which generally happens to me. It’s good to know, because at the race I’ll be taking gels at minute 45 and probably again at 90 minutes and then finish the race strong. Does anybody think it’s cheating to eat gels on a 1/2 marathon? Be honest…

When I started to kind of feel tired, I just shortened my stride and increased my breath exhalation as much as possible, kept my arms moving quickly and just focused on being satisfied. When I was feeling good, I was feeling full of breath, and my heart rate seemed to stick right around 170 bpm, which I was very happy with. I was really trying to use my arms most efficiently, and remember that crazy foot thing that I have going on…

I am happy to report my knees didn’t ache until the end and I am certain that it was the cold, not my form. My heart rate, as I said, was good. My brain was clear: I think the cold helped keep me alert and focuses, esp. with the chance of slipping very much on my brain ;)

two slight aches; my strange right hip thing was back momentarily, and I believe it was the lack of stretching, the cold, hurrying around after the run with no leg drain and then sitting on plane/in car for about 6 hours… AND my poor calves are sore today. Again, tight from the same reasons, and also because of the snow. I think I had a good foot fall, but I was probably tensing a little because of the road conditions. Lesson learned.

The cold was kind of a strange thing to deal with. I get so hot when I run that it was a nice way to balance my body heat, but the wet snow stuck to my hat and my coat and towards the end I got a little chilly. I suppose that’s okay cause I was sweaty, too and slowing down.

My poor shins were bright red when I finished (3/4 pants, no full lengths) but it was okay after a little time in the car with the heat blasting.

Scale: 8… I ran 6.32 miles in 58.30 minutes. Not bad… about 9.15 pace? Ha!


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