hey folks! good to be back on home soil… we got back from Ecuador at 4am on Sunday morning after a series of delays and an unfortunately junky airport-parking-dent-in-Liz’s-car-fiasco… but we’re home, we’re safe and getting back to 100%!

I am sorry to say that on my 14 day vacation, I didn’t run one minute. Not even the slightest. I had the best of intentions: in my suitcase I packed shoes, shorts, tshirt, etc etc, but never was I able to don the good ol synthetic clothes… no excuses necessary. Let’s just say that between seeing tons of family, eating at every chance, spending a great deal of time in the car, and overcoming some annoying minor health obstacles, I didn’t get around to it.

But I did today! I was a little freaked out to try and run because I was feeling a little bit puny still after recovering from some intestinal issues, but I am happy to say that I ran about 3 miles… the map says one lap around Carrier is 1.28 miles and I ran around it 3 times, so that’s 3.6, right?

I didn’t walk at all, I didn’t go fast, and I certainly didn’t feel awesome, but I did feel okay and I have to say that before ChiRunning if I had taken a 2 week break off running in any other time when I was training for triathlons, there is no way I could have run the distance/time I did today without stopping and would have most likely hated every step.

Thank goodness for ChiRunning. I feel great right now, and although my ego might be a little bruised (the last long run I had before leaving was so good!… argh) my body has responded well, both in my chi and in my muscles/bones. I am going to check in with Danny tomorrow to see what exactly my next steps should be between now and the 18th, but I am confident with some ganas and good visualization, dedicated runs and healthy eating I will be fine!

Here are some things I tried to focus on/felt while I was running today:

  • keeping my chin down, always
  • keeping my shoulder steady. I noticed they were getting a little crazy and when i straightened up and got them steady, I immediately felt like I had more energy for my legs. crazy.
  • my breathing was fine but a little bit tight. I think it’s going to be like that for a few more runs before my body readjusts…
  • I was trying to focus on not using my calf muscles, because right when i started, i noticed that my tendency was to push a little bit
  • I kept a very tall posture, imagined a big balloon on top of my head pulling me up
  • I tried to keep my feet behind my hips, though it was a little hard
  • My overall feeling was okay, some parts were a little easier than others (when is any run not like that?!)
  • I just kept refocusing my y’chi: when i looked around at other people or the road too far ahead, I got out of my body. When I refocused down to about 10 feet in front of me, I did much much better. It was more about getting my head in the right position I think than keeping the blinders on, because I did enjoy the scenery!

Okay folks… that’s all for now. Thanks for reading, hope you all had a nice holiday and an awesome new year. I know we did.

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