Sending Good Vibrations To A Chi Runner Who Is Battling Breast Cancer For The Second Time

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Think Good Thoughts For Mary During Your Next Few Runs Or Walks
I first met Mary in July 2013, when she came to me for ChiRunning instruction as she was preparing to run the Portland Marathon. She had a wonderful experience completing that race with her daughter Naomi. After the marathon, Mary's running continued to go well until she was diagnosed with breast cancer early in 2014. Maintaining an admirably positive attitude through a course of grueling and aggressive treatment, Mary was even able to continue running and walking on her good days, ultimately completing the Portland Half Marathon last fall. 
In April 2015, as she was getting ready to run the Avenue of the Giants Half Marathon husband and daughter, Mary met me for a refresher session at the track to fine-tune her running form before the event. Mary and her family thoroughly enjoyed running the half marathon through the redwoods, but unfortunately she was struck by a recurrence of the breast cancer shortly after her return to Portland. Since then, Mary has endured six rounds of chemotherapy, which she dubs LST – Life Saving Therapy. After each treatment, Mary has patiently laid low during a few days of overwhelming fatigue and weakness. Each time her energy has returned, she's been back out riding her horse Odinn, bicycling with friends and family, and walking.
Within the next couple of weeks, Mary will undergo a PET scan and is hoping to be declared cancer-free. While she waits, she's sent out the following request to her friends:
If you've never heard of Dr. Masaru Emoto's experiments on the effect of words, prayers, and music on the crystalline structure of water, you might want to Google it. It's quite fascinating, and shows the immense power of human thought and intention, whether that be expressed according to your beliefs through simple words, positive emotions, meditations, or prayers. I do believe we are all energetically connected. And so I would love to ask you to focus those positive intentions, in whatever way is meaningful to you, towards me whenever I come to mind in the next few weeks. I know you have been all along, but I'm picturing a flood of light from all of you, getting rid of any last cancer cells, wherever they may be lurking . . . . And feel free to pass the word to anyone else who can join in sending this final flood of positive energy.
Heeding Mary's call, during each of my runs and each time I sit in meditation in the coming weeks, I'll dedicate some time to visualizing her happy, healthy, and strong, running alongside her family just as she did several months ago at Avenue of the Giants. If you would consider doing the same, it would mean a lot. Thank you.

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