2nd out of 200 in my age group at Danskin!

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I attended your 1 day ChiRunning seminar this past June in Seattle. Before being diagnosed with advanced breast cancer last July I was a highly competitive triathlete. At the time of the seminar I was just finishing 28 chemotherapies, bilateral mastectomy and beginning 28 radiation treatments. I continued to walk throughout my treatments, as well as easy swimming and occasional cycling, but running was just too difficult. I signed up for a triathlon scheduled for July 24th thinking I’d just swim, bike, and walk slow-and-easy doing what felt OK. To my amazement, using the ChiRunning principles I ran the entire 5K after swimming and biking… and felt totally energized! I’m a believer. I’ve now done five races this season, half while still undergoing radiation treatments, and the running has been so easy and natural. THANK YOU!