Saturday SGK 5K

We did a nice little 5K run today to benefit the local chapter of the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

My grandmother passed away in 2003, after a long 5 year battle with breast cancer. I ran today in her honor.

It was a good run, a bit hillier than I anticipated, and much colder! We thought the race started at 8.30, but the 5K wasn’t until 10, so it was a lot of standing around, which was fine, except for the fact that Ivan and I both had only shorts and a tshirt on, and it was pretty chilly (around 55-60) until we began running. It was a good turnout, and despite the crowds, I didn’t get ‘switched’!

We both ran faster than normal, but it was a good ‘learning’ experience in terms of race jitters and really not getting caught up in the flow of everyone else. I went out pretty fast and about mile 1 I realized it. I kept going, but back off a little. The downhills were fun: I passed everyone, and then all those same people passed me on the uphills. If I ever want to win a race, I hope the finish line is after a downhill ;)

I forgot to start my watch right when we took off (novice!) and by the time I remembered, it was probably 2 minutes into the race. That said, and with a time buffer, we both finished the race in under 27 minutes, which I figured was pretty darn good and definitely way faster than I would feel comfortable running for 13 miles. Good thing to learn now. Maybe after doing some tempo runs later on before my January race, I’ll beable to train my body to run at a faster tempo, but for now, I think it’s best to try to take it easy!

No aches or pains while running, other than a shortness of breath around mile 1 and again around mile 2.

Scale: 8


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