Running with Fluidity

As a runner, one of the things I look for in my own running is fluidity. I want running to feel fluid, not just a series of lifts or swings or stances or whatever else I might have been working on while learning the ChiRunning technique. Of course all of this is necessary in the learning process as we re-wire our brain to form new movement habits. But ultimately, I want to feel my whole body is moving forward as one unit.

Lately I have been focusing more on pelvic rotation. This is an advanced ChiRunning focus and not something to concern yourself with too much as you get started running in the early weeks and months of your running practice. All the basic ChiRunning technique focuses should be in place before you move forward with this one.

On this morning’s run, I started out at a nice slow pace, warming up for 10 minutes or so, body sensing and settling into the run. Once I felt aligned and centered, I started to pick up the pace. I put my attention on my upper abdominals just below my ribs and tried to relax everything from that point down. With an engaged core and a little lean, I allowed my hips to go back with my legs and let the ground pick my feet up. The benefits of muscular elasticity and recoil added to the feeling of effortless running as I silently made my way around the park.

I periodically checked that my upper body was relatively stationary, apart from my arm swing. I turn on my metronome to check that my cadence hadn’t increased or even dropped as I allowed my stride to open out behind me. The more relaxed I was, the faster and more fluidly I ran.

I am not yet conditioned enough to be able to sustain for a long time, the speed which this gives me, but this will change as I begin to focus on my training later in the year.  Right now I’m having a lot of fun playing around with it though!

Happy running,
Michelle (Certified ChiRunning Instructor)


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