running… with a whole week break?

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Bent Creek is lovely. It’s a mainstay for me when I go running. I know the terrain, I know the parking areas, I know the hot/cold areas, I can get flats and hills, trail and gravel… It’s a great place to go running.

So I went out there today. My dad was in town for a couple of days, so on the way back from the airport, I decided to just go do my run @ Bent Creek. I did almost 8 miles (I think, this is great, but the maps aren’t always really clear.) In any event, this is the closest approximation I have for what I ran.

Started off running about 9.30 am, which was a little later than I like to start, but luckily it wasn’t too hot. I ran into a bunch of other runners (not literally, but there were a ton of people out there today). It was nice to see some smiling, happy faces on people running by. I hope I looked as happy as they did. Sometimes I wish I had a running buddy, but on the long runs, I really like to go at my own variable pace…

Since I wasn’t sure where I was running exactly (I was going for time, 80 minutes), I just tried to focus on my form, really thought about keeping my pelvis level, my chin down (crown of my head high) and not letting my feet land in front of my hips. I had bursts of energy here and there and used the downhills to my advantage and went quickly.

I would say overall I felt really great. I hate to admit this, but since last week (about 7.5 miles) I hadn’t run at all, not all week! So I wasn’t sure how today would go, but I think it went okay. The race in Seattle is hilly, so I am going to try to make my next long training runs on/near/including hills to make sure I can hack it.

Really looking forward to running the 1/2 in Seattle, though a little disappointed that I won’t be going faster than Houston. I guess that’s not the ultimate goal, because all I really want to do is finish the 1/2 marathon with a smile on my face…

My knee is talking to me a little bit this afternoon, but a little arnica creme and some careful walking is taking care of that.


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