Running Ultramarathons with ChiRunning Technique

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I have written a few times before to report how well the ChiRunning style has been working for me. I have only been a runner for less than 3 years and have competed in 9 Marathons and 5 Ultramarathons.

I just completed my 5th Ultramarathon in July, and I am so glad I had the ChiRunning technique to use on this run. It was the Tahoe Rim 100 mile race and I had never run more than 50 miles prior to the race. When things became tough, I would try to focus on my ChiRunning technique ( I still have a lot to learn) to help me get through the steep hills and many miles. I really think it greatly helped me to finish in 24:14 to place 3rd overall women’s and 2nd in masters women’s. My recovery was quick – within 4 days I was back to running long miles again!

-Roxanne W.

At age 46, I feel like I will be running many more ultras. As I get better at the ChiRunning technique, I believe I will do even better on my future races.