Running: Time on my Feet

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Out on a run last week, a single leaf fell from a tree in front of me, in slow motion it seemed, and I was reminded that autumn is on it’s way.  We are enjoying a late summer here in London but I can’t wait to run through autumn colour and the cold frosty mornings of winter.  I love running in winter; I thrive on it!

Since my last blog, I’ve continued to run over the summer but not with the same consistency.  My travels had me running in different places and I enjoyed some hilly terrain in scorching hot weather.  I still ran to heart rate and just walked the uphills when I needed to and enjoyed taking advantage of gravity on the downs. 

No huge change in the stats but my pace continues to improve for the same heart rate.  Over the next few months with more consistent training and a steady increase in volume, I look forward to more progress.  I have neglected the faster stuff for a while but this will be back in the plan again from next week and as before the summer with more of a focus on increasing range of motion rather than speed.

What I have added to my training are strides.  After every run I do a few short repetitions of relaxed sprinting.  With all the slow running I am doing, these give me the opportunity to again work on my range of motion and remind my body how to run fast!

My long runs are close to two and a half hours and I love them.  Anything under an hour seems like a short run to me these days.   My running form is always paramount and all this time on my feet practicing my ChiRunning form has improved my balance and stability.  I can maintain my form on the longer runs and in fact often feel stronger on the run the longer I am out.

On Saturday I decided to run in a local 5K and surprised myself by running a PB despite all the months of the long slow stuff and the lack of any speed work over the summer.  Progress is being made in all areas and I am as motivated as ever to keep on training to heart rate.

Happy Running.

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