Running Stronger, Longer

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I have just completed this year’s St. Anthony’s Triathlon in St. Petersburg, Florida and had my personal best race performance. I believe the ChiRunning technique enabled me to run stronger, longer. I have been to a few workshops since March and have been watching, listening and reading ChiRunning.

Being a Pilates instructor I really connect with core stability and posture. As I have become more aware of the technique, and am able to relax and trust the lean, my running has become less painful. In triathlons the swim is a warm up for the bike. The bike is a set up for your run, and I have been telling myself to push the quads on the bike because I will not need them on the run. I try to relax muscles that I’m not supposed to use. The longer I am able to keep the posture, a short front stride and trust the lean, the better I do. I love it.

Thank you,
Kevin W.