Running Seattle has turned into Walking Seattle!

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Hi all –

I have decided that I still want to participate in the race in Seattle next week, but will be walking instead. Fellow Instructor Sarah Young and I will proudly ChiWalk the music-filled, fun Seattle course together, donning ChiWalking coolmax shirts!

There have been so many lovely comments from all of you, and I am inspired to get deep and listen to my body. “She” wants to run, but walking is the smarter more gradual choice right at this moment.

Who knows, maybe while we’re walking the 13.1 miles of the race I’ll have a breakthrough by listening and responding to my body continuously and have the chance to get to the bottom of it. I have heard so many fellow ChiRunners and ChiWalkers say that by listening and responding they’ve had “ah-hah” moments and been able to achieve another level of understanding. I think of this as an opportunity to get better at listening, and by walking, I believe I am taking the first step.

I took a nice walk yesterday morning and jogged for a couple of minutes throughout. I was frustrated because it didn’t feel great… I stopped because I was having a hard time getting my mind to focus on running form focuses through the frustration of the “squeaky knee”. What focus I do know I need to work on is the C Shape over and over and over again. Even as I sit here and type this, I am trying to keep my chin down, crown tall, and core engaged. So as I walk around between now and … (forever!) I will be working on my C Shape.

Visualization is a nice tool. It’s such a vital part of creating a mind-body connection. I think the process of visualization allows your mind communicate to your body what you want to acheive, with out your mind having to be “bossy”. What do you think about that?

Off to practice a walking C Shape.

Happy Friday to all.


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