Running Pain-free Half Marathons with ChiRunning

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I’ve been running for about three years now.  In 2012 I was inspired by a friend to run longer distances. This was quite the challenge for me as I was never in my life a runner, and suffered from seasonal asthma and weight issues as a child. The weight issue actually was conquered years before I started to run. As I got into the 6-mile and above range, I experienced knee pains.

I discovered your videos and books on the internet and purchased one of your books at a local bookstore.  It was the best thing I could have done for my running. It changed my form completely and transformed me into a much better runner.

Thanks to your techniques, I have discovered that I am a natural forefoot runner, turned into a hip and core runner through incorporating leaning into my running. I value lengthening my stride behind me now instead of in front. It has also made me a more stable runner, as I keep my foot strikes within my center of gravity. This changed my foot positioning, preventing my ankles from rolling.

This past year I completed 2 half marathons, and still continue to run. I just wanted to take the time to say thank you for sharing your knowledge, findings, and experiences.  It benefited me greatly, so I know it has benefited many others as well.

Brian Z.