Running Into Spring With An e-Chi Training Program

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As I've deepened my yoga practice over the past few years, I've become increasingly conscious of the benefits of modulating my running in harmony with the changing seasons.  During the darker, colder winter months, I may still run 3-4 days in a typical week, but I decrease my mileage and intensity and devote a little more focus and attention to developing my asana practice indoors on my yoga mat.

Rejuvenated by my winter's rest, as springtime approaches it feels natural to begin increasing my mileage and reintroducing some speed work into my program.  To structure my training and further stoke my motivation, it helps to target a race several months out.  This year, I am looking forward to running the Timberline Half Marathon in early June.  The trail course circles Timothy Lake and promises (unless it's cloudy!) spectacular views of Oregon’s Mt. Hood.  To fine tune my running form while I log the miles and hone my speed in preparation for the event, I am working with one of the e-ChiTraining Programs available on-line through

For me, this week marks Week 1 of the 12-week Intermediate Half Marathon e-ChiTraining Program.  Day 1’s prescription: “Get a good night’s sleep.”  I loved that.  Yesterday was Day 2. The training program called for 45 minutes of 1 minute on/1minute off form intervals. For the first third of the run, I alternated between periods of focusing on leveling my pelvis and periods of letting my attention rest.  For the second third of the run, I alternated between feeling my feet at the bottom of my column; then letting my focus go.  For the last third of the run, I alternated periods of holding both focuses simultaneously with periods of less-focused running.   Today’s workout calls for 40 minute form intervals with a slightly different pair of focuses.  The sun is shining, and I can’t wait to get out there!

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