Running into 2012

2012 is a big year for London with the Olympics being held here.  It’s fair to say that most of us are pretty excited about it!  I’m excited about my ChiRunning technique, too, and filled with optimism for the coming year.   I've had a great start to 2012 with no real setbacks since starting heart rate running training in November and have continued running more and more through Christmas and the New Year.

Except for the harder sessions, these runs are very slow but my heart rate has finally settled down and I can run without having to stop and walk occasionally to bring my heart rate down.  This is progress indeed and inspires me to keep going with the training.  I have had failed attempts with this kind of training in the past, losing patience and not sticking with it.  This time I am really enjoying it, I don’t know if it’s because my running technique continues to improve or I seem to be able to relax more while running.  I do know that this time, each run seems to get more and more enjoyable.  The slow pace has allowed me to truly listen to my body, to become more relaxed and to explore how relaxed I can get whether it be using nose breathing or making adjustments in my alignment.  Just generally looking for tension anywhere in my body and trying to let it go.

Stability is crucial to good pain-free ChiRunning technique. I sense that stability now with each foot strike. The less unnecessary movement that takes place through every stride the better. The more stable we are the less likely we are to get injured and to waste energy. Once we have that stability, and for some of us that can take a long time to achieve, we can further explore what the practise of the pain-free ChiRunning technique has to offer.

Happy New Year and happy running!


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