Running immediately after completing a marathon?

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I finished the Detroit Marathon on October 18th, 2009, running it in 3 hours 53 minutes – not particularly fast, however not bad for only having trained for 8 weeks completing only 500 KM of training miles. (Previous 3 months before starting 8 weeks of training for Detroit was long distance biking only = 5000KM – no running during this time)

Conventional wisdom states that you should take one (1) day off for every mile run during a marathon, hence following this rule, I should not have run until Friday, November 13th.  In fact, I was out doing  a recovery run the second day following the marathon. ChiRunning has allowed me to have two major accomplishments after this my 10th marathon. First, there was no major trauma in my body nor running injury from this marathon  plus my recovery run(s) done as  “form”  runs in first gear only aided my body in it’s active recovery.  It is extremely important to listen to your body and if,  in fact,  it was in trauma – to rest – so as to not cause any further injury.  If you are focused and in tune with your body and can survey your body during and after a marathon, it gives you the ability to run again immediately, which is a huge benefit to your training, fitness and development.

The plan now is to train (already on week two) using the ChiRunning Marathon Intermediate Training Plan (20 weeks) extended to 25 weeks to coincide with the Nashville Marathon on April 24th in order to try and accomplish a 3 hour 30 minute marathon (Previous PB = 3 hours 40 minutes). Secondary goal addressed in this training method is to balance out my running training to include cycling and swimming for the multiple results of a balanced body which is stronger for running,  also trained for spring cycling without sacrificing running efficiency, and the  ability to swim efficiently to compete in Triathlons during the summer season. Swimming also helps relax and recover the body after harder training runs and rides.

The first eight (8) weeks of training follow the time guidelines and recommendations of the ChiRunning Marathon intermediate guide exactly for building form and base. I have added heart rate training to this base training to make sure that endurance slow twitch muscles are enhanced and I also train hard once per week (zone 3)  to make sure that the “stress” and “rest” principals are followed during these initial weeks.

More will follow on this training.


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