Running: Going the Distance

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A couple of weeks ago, I traveled to Asheville in North Carolina to teach with Danny and Katherine Dreyer at Chi Week, an annual event which attracts people from all over the world who wish to learn ChiRunning and ChiWalking over an extended period in beautiful surroundings.  I learned a lot about myself both as a student of ChiRunning and as a teacher.  I came back to the UK invigorated and even more enthused than ever about my practise.

I am still running to heart rate and though my progress has been slow the heart rate numbers are yet again tumbling and the pace is increasing.  I am doing a lot of running.  The long run remains key for me as I build distance and continue to develop my aerobic base.  As I prepare for a marathon next year, I will be running further than I ever have before on a regular basis.  The harder session once a week has changed to shorter, sharper intervals where my focus is on improving my range of motion and stride length.  This will not be run to heart rate but be more specifically form related.

As long as I follow the pyramid of form, distance and speed as prescribed by ChiRunning, I won’t go wrong.  When I started heart rate training, I was expecting to see results quicker but this was not the case for me.  No two bodies are the same, each person responds in different ways.  We all have different issues that we have to deal with in life day to day.  The same was true when I started my ChiRunning practise.  This was not easy for me, it has taken years of practise to will my body into alignment and it’s paying off.  Running has never felt better.

So don’t give up!  There will be frustrating times along the way either with your ChiRunning practise or your training, there will be obstacles that try to take you off course but trust in the process, listen to your body, you will be surprised by what it can do.

On a separate note, ChiRunning was featured in the New York Times last week.  Even across the pond, I can appreciate the significance of this and I am delighted to see it.  There is plenty of discussion taking place in the comments section, so if you want to get involved in the conversation, here is the link to the article.

Happy Running.


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