Running: Form Before Distance (Improve Your Running Form, Before Adding Distance)

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Heart rate training continues to inspire me as I work on my ChiRunning technique. I simply cannot wait for my next run to experiment with how any given focus can lower my heart rate. It occurred to me recently that since I started heart rate training in November, I have no idea how many miles I run a week. What matters more to me is the quality of each run.

That ‘s a definite shift. In the past I would always want to know my weekly mileage. I could go back and have a look at my Garmin but it doesn’t seem to matter anymore. I do know I am running for longer (and at least 5 days a week) with greater ease and even more enjoyment. The continual practice of the ChiRunning technique has allowed that to happen.

This morning, I came across a journal I kept when I started to practice the ChiRunning technique. I had forgotten just how many injuries I had back in 2006. Seriously, there was not one part of me from hip down that didn’t bother me in some way or another. As Danny says “technique is king” and so it has proved true for me. I now see the huge importance of bringing my running technique efficient and accurate before adding on more distance. It’s been a gradual process for me, but so worth it.

I’ve also been inspired by Danny and Katherine Dreyer’s last book, Chi Marathon, a book I’ve been waiting a long time for. It’s not just a marathon training plan, although there is one in it; this book will take you through a seven phase technique based program which will have you at the start line of your marathon more prepared than you thought possible. It’s a book that will change how you approach marathon running… and it might even change your life.

So, armed with years of practice, and this book, I’ve decided next year will be a marathon running year for me. I would like to spend a year focusing on heart rate training without the distraction of marathon training and hopefully be in my best shape for running a marathon in the autumn of next year.

Happy running.

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