Running daily a possibility again with ChiRunning

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I bought your book (ChiRunning) about a month ago after reading many many positive reviews online. I had been searching for something to help me get past the constant foot pain and minor injuries that have kept cropping up over the last six years so that I could once again become a daily runner like I was 12 years ago.

My excitement peaked the day I bought your book and after reading a couple of chapters, I couldn’t wait to read about the technique and go out running to give it a try.

The next day, I ripped my ankle apart playing soccer at my local park. So I patiently read through most of your book while keeping weight off the ankle, then hopping on one foot, then tip-toeing on that foot, then gingerly putting weight on it, until finally I was able to walk more or less normally after a full month (although it is still very slightly swollen).

I decided this past weekend was time to give it a try and went out running on my first “Chi Run” on Saturday. It was short…I went running for just over 7 minutes and walked another 20…but it was a new experience. My ankle wasn’t bothering me, my body was much more relaxed, and I only stopped running because my pace was killing me.

On Sunday, I managed to find a website with a one-hour mp3 available for download that contained music set to 90bpm. That solved my running pace problem. I was able to run for 15 minutes before walking.

Today (Monday), I went through all my music in my iPod, found the few songs that ranged from 85-90 bpm, and went for a jog. I managed to run for 25 minutes (my goal was 20) and I feel pretty great three hours afterwards.

I haven’t run steadily in nearly a dozen years. I am now 38 years old and I thought I was never going to enjoy that feeling ever again without injuries sidelining me every few weeks.

Thank you for making my daily run a possibility again, thank you for keeping up this blog, and thank you for sharing your philosophy through your book.

-Brian B.