Running and Letting Go

As those of you who have been reading my blog will know, I had hoped to run my first marathon in April this year.  I have been following the ChiRunning Beginner Marathon Program which I was really enjoying but I simply wasn’t able to get in the required long runs due to circumstances beyond my control.  I could probably still run it but I would not be as well prepared as I would like to be and I really want to be in the best place physically and mentally before I take it on.

As I mentioned, when I started out on this journey, I did not underestimate the challenge of running a marathon and in particular the training involved to get to the starting line. If anything, the last few months has re-enforced that.  It wasn’t an easy decision to come to as I had told many people I was doing it and I have this burning desire to run a marathon. However, the relief I felt having made the decision was palpable so I know it is the right one.  Letting go of a goal is never easy.

It’s not all bad though!  The training plan has taken me to a great place.  It gave me an opportunity to really focus on my running technique and continue to improve.  I have started to vary my runs and add in some conditioning work.  My long runs are between 2 and 2.5 hours a week.  I intend to keep them there and if I feel like running longer on the day I will.  When I review those runs, I see some cardiac drift towards the later stages so I know more work is needed aerobically and form wise.

Recently, I took to running the hills or at least the closest thing you can get to hill running in London!  I hadn’t been able to do this particular run for a couple of months and I felt my running training was missing it.  Hopefully it will be a weekly run going forward.  I had the most amazing run and when I got to my favourite downhill running section, I took off. I checked my posture and literally let go as gravity took me down the hill.  I relaxed my hips, allowed my pelvis to rotate and my legs just became an extension of my core, keeping up with my fall.  I felt like I was flying, it was totally effortless. I can’t wait to get back there this week.  In this case, letting go was easy and necessary.

So I am stronger and wiser and most importantly still injury free.  I have learnt a lot about myself and my running in the last few months and I am looking for a new challenge. Watch this space.

Happy running.


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