Running and Heart Rate Training

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I've had a busy few weeks.  I spent almost a week in Berlin as an assistant training 22 new ChiRunning and ChiWalking instructor candidates from all over the world.  It was a great experience and an opportunity to catch up with some of my fellow instructors, meet new people, improve my teaching and indeed improve my own running technique.

Meanwhile back home, I am enjoying running more than ever and continue to train to heart rate.  Things didn’t go so well for a while when I began to feel tired and I seemed to be going backwards in the process.  How could running so slowly be tiring me out?  Some blood tests showed that an iron supplement would be a good idea and I have begun to feel the benefit of taking iron after a few weeks.

Having noticed an increase in pace a couple of months back for the same heart rate, this had dropped back and was frustrating me a little.  However, I was reminded by my running coach last week of the progress I have made.  My heart rate response is much improved and my average heart rate for a given run is steadily coming down.  As with ChiRunning, the key is gradual process and patience.

We have also adjusted my running training, the volume has increased and I run a harder session once a week instead of every 2 weeks.  This morning, I had a breakthrough with my training.  There was a significant increase in pace for the same heart rate.

Here in the UK, we have been experiencing a heat wave for the last week.   This is a pleasant change from the never-ending rain which preceded it.  Although the heat presents its own challenges when training to heart rate, I have surprised myself by how comfortable I have felt while running.  As always, small adjustments in my running technique help keep my heart rate down.

One of the running focuses I have found to be most beneficial is keeping length through my body.  Out on a run, you may find that you begin to de-compress a little without noticing.  Focus on lengthening your body right through to the crown of your head and notice the difference this small adjustment can make.

Happy running.


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