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The crazy rainy and muggy weather has made for some seriously sweaty running workouts. This morning Oliver and I ran about 2.5 miles together, which included about 1/3 mile walking to warm up/cool down.

I’ve been really practicing keeping my feet loose when I walk, around the office or at the grocery or wherever. I’ve also really been trying to work on my posture and make sure I’m not slouching or jutting my chin out.

I’ve felt quite good and proper posture really makes me more alert when I write emails or sit during meetings or drive in the car. It’s all about this daily effort to practice focuses so that when I go run it’s easier to access those Body Senses.

Running today was great. It wasn’t a lot of mileage, but that doesn’t matter to me so much right now. I’m just happy to be healthy, to get out and be active, to feel my heart pumping and to spend time with my dog. I am trying to focus on these things in alternating intervals: tall crown/ level pelvis, no shoulder movement (elbows to the rear), and not stepping past my hip (allowing pelvic rotation).  They’re a nice combination of things that I’ve found really help me avoid knee pain and maintain a healthy stride length.

I suppose finding a race to train for would be a good idea, but I’ve been really working on shorter distances to keep working on my form. I’ve also been working with other people on their form, which is always so satisfying and full of “ah-hah” moments, both for me and for clients.

Hope you are all enjoying these later days of summer, and for those of you are back-to-school, don’t forget to take a moment for yourself.


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