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ChiRunning® started in 1999, the book (published by Simon & Schuster) and DVD came out in 2004 with new editions released in 2009. Almost 400,000 copies of the book have been sold, in ten languages.

Since the start of ChiRunning in 1999 the running landscape has changed dramatically. The midfoot strike, and flexible, low-profile shoes we recommended back then are becoming more and more the norm; and the Kenyans have proven without a doubt that a forward-leaning running stride is faster than running upright. The idea that your running can be improved with technique training is no longer considered “out there” as Runner’s World once dubbed it.

And yet, ChiRunning is stilled labeled as “alternative” by Runner’s World. Alternative to what? I think the alternative we offer is a way for 65% or more of runners, getting injured every year, to experience injury-free running. Our alternative approach should be the norm because it simply teaches your body to run as it did when you were young, flexible, and energized by fun.

As people who have tried ChiRunning find, it is first and foremost a physical technique and a great toolkit to make running faster, easier and injury-free.  Called ChiRunning to be true to its source (the ancient martial art, T’ai Chi), it is based on the philosophy that the body works most efficiently when directed by an educated and attentive mind. We call it intelligent movement, and we are seeing that this ancient, yet fresh approach to running, is becoming more widely trusted and accepted every day – and that the ideas we’ve put forward over the past 14 years are helping to create the new “mainstream.”

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