New Love Letter: Runner’s injuries are a thing of the past

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I had the fortune of learning from Mr. Dreyer himself at a Chapel Hill seminar in ’06 or ’07. I had finished my third marathon a few months before his course.  I was in so much back pain that I could not even raise my hands in church.

Unbeknownst to me this was due to faulty biomechanics in my running.  Once I adopted the ChiRunning style and smarts I not only had no more pain in my buttocks and low back but my occasional runners injuries are a thing of the past.

Since taken his course I have run a half dozen more marathons and more than that in half marathons.  I can say, aside from an left ankle inversion strain running down Camel Back Mountain in Phoenix AZ, (which wasn’t too bright in the first place) I have had no injuries from running.

– Patrick G., DC, BCAO