Remarkable Hat Trick Victory Thanks to ChiRunning

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To the ChiRunning Team,
I want to tell you about a fun running accomplishment from 2009 that is fully attributable to my ChiRunning technique continuing to get better as I get older. 🙂

San Jose, CA held a running competition called the “Hat Trick,” which I ended up winning. This involved combining the total time over three separate races of: 10k, 1/2 Marathon and Full Marathon, all held within a 1-month time period.

The races were:
1) Almaden Valley Times Classic 10k on September 27, 2009
My time: 39:42 – 3rd place in my age group and 7th place overall
(Note: This was especially good for me as I had run a 22-mile training run the day before and wasn’t sure what I would feel like racing the next day, but I was just fine.)

2) San Jose Rock-n-Roll 1/2 Marathon on October 4, 2009
My time: 1:24:14 (a personal best)
(This was also the race that Meb Keflezighi won and set an American 20k record)

3) Dean Karnazes Silicon Valley Marathon on October 25, 2009
My time: 3:05:38 (another personal best)

Total time: 5:09:35 was 1st place overall for the “Hat Trick” competition.

Considering I was about to turn 49 a week later, I was pretty happy with the results. The second-place runner was 33 and a darn good runner himself.

Anyhow, it was my wonderful wife (Joyce) and kids (Katia & Akira) that were really rooting me on throughout this whole thing that made it much more of a fun family event. 🙂

Yes, I love ChiRunning more than ever, which is why I decided to re-certify and start training some more people out there!  🙂

Take care and talk to you soon,